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Installing and Configuring On Premises Data Gateway - By adding user to Active Directory

This post is intended to walk-through the process of  Installing and Configuring On Premises Data Gateway when you don't have work account (But you have a Microsoft account)

It is stated that Microsoft account can't be used to configure/register OPDGW, instead you need to use school account or work account. So does that mean a person not having work/school account cannot explore/use OPDGW- Well there is a way, you add a user to Active Directory.

Let's see how we do it

1. How to add user to Active Directory

2. Install OPDGW on local machine
3. Configure OPDGW on machine
4. Register OPDGW on Azure Portal

1.How to add user to Active Directory

  • To add user to AD, login to portal and search for Active Directory
Select Active directory
  • Click on Acive Directory and Under Quick Links - select Add a user

  •  Before adding user, remember you have to use following pattern
Say your Microsoft account is - then new user should be, the user must have an extension of
On Premises Data Gateway create user
Out of curiosity, tried to test validation - it is in place. Error is reported if pattern is not followed

On Premises Data Gateway create user error

  • Now we need to make the user as Global Administrator - go to All Users and select the user added in above step

On Premises Data Gateway select user

Click on Directory role and select Global administrator in adjacent bladeOn Premises Data Gateway adding user as global admin
  • Now next is to Reset the password the newly created user, you can use this password to login to portal, but you will be prompted to change it at first login (copy this temporary password as this would be needed later )
new user reset password
  • Next, is to add the above user as Owner so that the user shares same subscription. Thus all the things done by/under this user will use your subscription.  
Go to your subscription --> Access control(IAM) and add the Role as Owner and select the user created aboveOn Premises Data Gateway adding user as owner

  • In the notification, you should see following
                    notification in Azure portal
  • Now final step with user, setting the password. Login to the azure portal with the new user created and you will get prompted to change the password                                    update new user password

2.Install OPDGW on local machine

On Premises Data Gateway download
  • Run the installation 
On Premises Data Gateway installation program on local machine

On Premises Data Gateway installation start on local machine

On Premises Data Gateway installation path on local machine

On Premises Data Gateway installation done on local machine

3. Configure OPDGW on local machine

  • Here we need to enter the User we created in step 1

On Premises Data Gateway installation done  on local machine

provide work account

If cookies are not enabled then you might see next screen 

cookies error

  • After you enable cookies, you should be able to continue. Provide the Name to the OPDGW to be setup and Recovery key

On Premises Data Gateway configuration  on local machine
Here if you see, the setup wizard choose the nearest Azure Region as West India based on proximity of the location (but it can be changed, recommended to choose the closest one)

On Premises Data Gateway configuration done on local machine

Now OPDGW is ready to use, it can be used by Logic App, Power BI, PowerApps and Flow.

On Premises Data Gateway Service on local machine

You can also verify on local machine too, go to services and you can see the service as can be seen above

4.Register OPDGW on Azure Portal (associate to new user created)

  • Login to Azure portal with the newly created user and search for On Premises Data Gateway
  • Click on Add to register the gateway you installed on local machine
  • Provide Name, Subscription , Resource Group. You will see that the installed OPDGW is already available in the drop-down list (So all the OPDGW which are configured with the current user will be populated)

Register On Premises Data Gateway

  • Click on Create , registration is done and now it should be available to use in the supporting Azure services
  • Just a small pointer (below) while giving name few characters are not supported as of now

Characters not allowed in Name of On Prem Data Gateway

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  1. Great step-by-step guide, thanks!

  2. Hi i am getting below error while registering the gateway followed same points described in post.

    Failed to create gateway. Please try again.
    Response status code does not indicate success: 500 (Internal Server Error)
    Request Id: b1fa8916-de06-4b47-9def-ff9d2b0b4cab
    Timestamp: 8/8/2020 5:13:44 PM +00:00
    ErrorCode: ADGraphGroupOperationFailed

    at Microsoft.PowerBI.DataMovement.ExternalClient.PowerBIDataMovementClientExtensions.d__0.MoveNext()
    --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
    at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()
    at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task)
    at Microsoft.PowerBI.DataMovement.ExternalClient.PowerBIDataMovementClientExtensions.d__2.MoveNext()

    please help me to resolve the issue.


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