Get Logic App Name in Logic App

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In many scenarios we need to get the details of the workflow which is executing, one such requirement is in context to logging.

Apart from all the details we are logging, having a name, runid etc of logic app name is also helpful.

How to Get Logic App Name in Logic App

There is inbuilt function available - workflow() which can be used to get the workflow name and other properties related to workflow.

To demonstrate, I have made use of variable to which value of logic app name is assigned.

use workflow function in expression to get logic app name

As can be seen above, have initialized a variable named laname and used following workflow function in Expression to get logic app name against Value.

If you see below, the name of logic app is LiquidMapChecker, so this is what we should get as value in the variable.

assigning workflow name to a variable


To test this I simply triggered the Logic app, and checked the result in the Run history

value of workflow name is assigned to variable

That's it... value of workflow name is assigned to variable.

What else Workflow() function in Logic App provides

Workflow function returns all the details about the workflow itself during run time.

Workflow function gives access to following properties: name, type, id, location, run, and tags.

To get value of any of the property, simply use following expression


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  1. It seems that location and tags are not available anymore... Not sure when the change was made but don't see those elements on my workflow.

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