How to check time taken by each shape in Orchestration

Performance testing team knows how to find the  performance stats related to BizTalk application like how much time it takes to process n number of messages, how much time an orchestration takes or average time taken by Orchestration etc . 

There was a quite an interesting ask by Performance testing team - How to check time taken by each shape in Orchestration

This question forced me to scratch my head for a while :).

But yes there is a way to find the time taken by each step, you just need to enable tracking on Orchestration and use orchestration debugger

To demonstrate how, 

below is the orchestration debugger of a simple orchestration I have - which upon receiving a message 
1.calls a web api, 
2.collects response and 
3.archives it locally.

How to check time taken by each shape in Orchestration

As can be seen, 
the Green color arrow  denotes start of shape and 
the Blue colored denotes end of shape and time of the shape start and end is also tracked upto milliseconds. 

So the time taken by SndApiRequest would be 11.007-10.633 = 0.374

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  1. nice hint but is it possible to get an extract of those figures and compare over time with excel?

  2. All of the information is in the BizTalk databases. You just have to create the right query for what you want to see.

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