How to execute Stored Procedure in Logic App | How to connect to SQL in Logic App

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It is very common scenario in integration space, where we have to connect to the database for some CRUD operations. 

So we have two options either write a query for each operation or create a stored procedure and call it.

Both will serve the purpose, but which is better?

Stored procedures have advantage over queries, like
  • Firstly it is pre-compiled (Query compiles every time it execute)
  • It is reusable
  • It is faster
  • More secure
  • Reduction in Network Traffic (as it executes at server side)
  • Any change in stored procedure code does not affect clients, clients automatically get the new version of it
All right, let's build the solution

Create a Stored Procedure

For this demo, I created a simple  Table

CREATE TABLE products (
    product_name nvarchar(50),
    price int

And inserted few rows in it

INSERT INTO products (product_name, price)
('Desktop Computer',800),

And a simple Stored Procedure which simply returns Product name and
Price from above table

SELECT P.product_name,P.price  FROM 
products P


Create a Logic App to connect to SQL and execute Stored procedure

Create a logic app with Recurrence trigger and then add another step and search for SQL  and select SQL Server

SQL connector in Logic App

Then select Execute Stored procedure from the actions

select Execute Stored procedure from the actions

Provide required details and click on Create

SQL API configuration in logic app


Run the logic app, by forcing the trigger (manual Run) or set the recurrence as per convenience . (I set recurrence at 3 min)

Execute Stored Procedure in Logic App

As can be seen in above image, stored procedure was executed and result having 5 rows was returned.

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  1. Hey, all seems good but how does the azure setup work on recognising what SP to call? and how does Procedure GetProducts get connected to the logic app?

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