How to find count of Logic App executions using Azure Portal

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Today we were evaluating a workflow design, as to whether it is right fit for current requirement.

One of the decisive criteria for this was to know the volume of requests getting processed by this workflow.

So, how do I get count?

Using Logic App run History to get the count

The first place to get count of Logic app executions is in run history.

Select the Logic app and click on Overview.

Under Essentials, details of logic app executions in last 24 hrs is shown(which includes succeeded and failed both).

count of Logic app executions in  run history

If you need count more than 24 hrs, then click on Run History .

You will see list of executed Logic app instances along with status and duration etc, you can count it manually (if transaction volume is less).

Better option however is to Specify a Start time and Pick a Date in the search console.

Really counting manually? - If you wish too 😉

There is a better way, using Azure Monitor integrated with Logic App.

Using Metrics to get the count of Logic App executions

Select the Logic app and click on Monitoring tab --> Metrics

Select Metrics of Logic App

From the Metric, select Runs Completed and below is what you get to see, a graph view with details of last 24 hrs.

Logic App metric of last 24 hrs

Change the time range, to see data based on your need.
time range in Logic App Metric

I needed to see count of logic app executions of last 30 days - thus selected it.

count of logic app execution using metric

As can be seen, 1.38m is the count. 

Likewise you can get various metrics about Action's, Triggers, Connectors etc.

Note: This is out of box feature, you don't need to configure Diagnostics settings .

Read following - Advanced tracking and Monitoring to get more  insights on monitoring on granular level.

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