Maheshkumar S. Tiwari  is a Microsoft Integration MVP, working as Technical Lead in Pune,India. He has over 9+ years of experience with EAI/EDI  technologies like Away Amtrix and BizTalk. He started working with BizTalk 2009 and now works with BizTalk 2010/2013 and has in-depth knowledge of how BizTalk works. He also gives training to the team members and newcomers on BizTalk and EAI. He loves to share his knowledge, help others and also learn from others as he believes everyone has something which can be learned.

Active on MSDN forum :  http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/profile/maheshkumar%20s%20tiwari/


The contents of this blog are my personal views and they are no way related to my Employer/Company.The sole purpose of this Blog is to help others by posting about the common/uncommon scenarios faced while working.

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  2. I have answered your question on Hangout, I believe it was helpful.

    Btw, I have fixed contact form now, thanks :)