Difference between Logic App Consumption and Logic App Standard | Choose between Logic App consumption and Logic app standard

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Microsoft announced general availability on 25th May 2021 and with that new question also took birth - Which one to choose between Logic App consumption and Logic App Standard?

Technically both will be used to create workflows, however there are differences and based on the differences, the scenarios in which they should be opted for can be deduced.

Below is comparison around few features.

Logic App Consumption vs Logic App Standard


Logic App Consumption

Logic App Standard



Single Tenant

Relation between Logic App and Workflow 

1-1 relationship. One Logic app can have only one Workflow

1-Many relationships. One Logic app can have many Workflow

Integration Account

Is required for uploading schemas, maps, agreements etc.

No dependency on Integration Account for uploading schemas, maps, agreements etc.

Where it can be Run

Only in Azure 

Can be run anywhere - Azure, Any cloud, Containers and also on premise(with help of Azure Arc)

External Storage

Storage is taken care implicitly

External storage has to be specified either Azure Storage or Azure Storage and SQL.

Supported Workflow

Only supports stateful workflows

Supports both stateful and stateless workflows

Local Development and testing

Only development, testing not supported locally

Development and testing can be done locally


Logic Apps Consumption use a pay as you go approach

If using ISE then its at Flat cost

Logic Apps Standard doesn’t use a pay as you go approach, rather works on a flat monthly fee 

Where does data reside

It is managed, so data location is not fixed.

If using ISE then data stays in the same region where you deploy your logic apps

Data stays in the same region where you deploy your logic apps

What can be used for development

Azure Portal, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code 

Azure Portal and Visual Studio Code 

Vnet Integration 

Does not support

It supports Vnet Integration and private endpoints

Importing in APIMCan be imported directly The functionality to directly import from “Create from Azure Resource” is not available for workflows in Logic App (Standard) yet. 

However, it can be added.


Based on the comparison, following scenarios can be derived

  • Need to run workflow any where - Logic App Standard
  • Low volume of transactions - Logic App Consumption
  • Need to run workflow within network - Logic App Standard or ISE
  • Need to adhere to data storage policies of government/company etc - Logic App Standard or ISE
  • Need to run stateless workflow - Logic App Standard

If you think I missed any important point then feel free to comment about it.

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