NestedWorkflowDoesNotContainResponseAction. To wait on nested workflow 'XXXX', it must contain a response action | Calling Logic app in a Logic App | Nested Logic App

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In a workflow there was a need to use already existing workflow(logic app) - thus added an action which calls a Logic app and all looked fine.

Add logic app Action in logic app

Note : Only http trigger based logic app can be called.

However, at run time, got the following error


NestedWorkflowDoesNotContainResponseAction. To wait on nested workflow '3d9643d5977b44c48d632218e5f39407', it must contain a response action.

Why it happened

As the error says, " Nested Workflow Does Not Contain Response Action" - that means the child logic app which is been called is not having a Response Action in it.

As of now, starting (fire and forget) a Logic app is not supported and only calling a logic app (getting response back) from a logic app is supported.

What to do

We just need to do what is required and supported i.e., adding a response action in child logic app.

So, I added Response action in the child logic app and the error was gone.

But, this is not what every time we need - sometimes we just need to start the logic app(no response expected).

Is there a way to achieve this? - Starting Logic App from Logic App

Yes, in order to achieve this we need to use HTTP action rather than Logic App action.


In a scenario where there is a need to use existing http based Logic app (child) from a Logic App (Parent), based on if child logic app is going to return response or not, following of the options can be chosen from

1. Use Azure Logic app action -  If response is expected. 
2. Use Http action - If response is not required.

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