Selected file must be between 1 and 2097152 bytes

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Error/Issue Scenario

For a POC -  Getting Started with Logic Apps - EDI X12 to XML , I had to use an xml schema and EDI 850 schema and map between them and use them in Logic App.  We use Integration account to store this artifacts, but when loading EDI schema (I missed to check the size)  got below error

Add schema

"Selected file 'X12_00504_850.xsd' must be between 1 and 2097152 bytes."

Why it happened

Actually I missed to check the size before uploading the schema and should have choose another option - Large File.

However, when dealing with EDI schemas (X12,EDIFACT etc), you will often see that the size of schemas are in mb’s and it is because lot of annotations are part of it.

And  Integration Account currently doesn’t support big size files ( In my view, the only reason it is so - so as to push users to go for storage account 😏 )

What to do

So how to upload large file to Integration account -  you choose Large File option and you would see that you are asked to upload schema file in File storage and provide the link.

use file storage

Now, just to clear it's not mandatory to have File Storage - you can upload in blob container too or any storage service which is accessible from Integration account.

So I went ahead and created a container with name edischemas in my existing storage account and uploaded the file.

uploading large schema to blob container

Please make sure to keep anonymous access to it  as Integration account would be accessing it.
schema file url

Now click on ellipsis and select properties, grab the URL and provide it in Integration account

provide schema file location in Integration account
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