Performing this operation would exceed the regional quota of maps for '' of '1000' for 'Standard' SKU.

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Today while doing the deployment, got below error:

map quota exceeded

##[error]Performing this operation would exceed the regional quota of maps for '<null>' of '1000' for 'Standard' SKU.
##[error]PowerShell exited with code '1'.

It happened during the step - adding maps to integration account

Why it happened

As the error points out, the quota of maps has exhausted  for Standard SKU.

Integration account offers below quotas based on the SKU (Basic and Standard.

Integration Account basic and standard Quota

As highlighted in yellow above, maximum Maps which can be added in an  Integration account(Standard) is 1,000.

And that's what error says the limit has reached and no further Maps can be added.

What to do

Additional Integration Account needs to be added.

Logic App ISE SKU supports up to 20 Integration Accounts (Including the one which is already available as apart of ISE SKU).

Note, only Standard SKU of Integration account is supported in ISE SKU.

Based on need more 19 Standard integration account can be added - with applicable extra cost.

We added one, and provided its details in deployment script and map was successfully uploaded to new Integration Account.

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