Azure Functions Runtime is unreachable | 404 - Not Found

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Started noticing following error in a logic app in which there is call to Azure Function.

404 - Not Found

It was surprise for me as when I checked the Function App, the function was visible and Enabled too and still the error.

So thought of testing the function, and when clicked on the function-->Code+Test got below error

Azure Functions Runtime is unreachable

Why it happened

There is two function app(with multiple functions in it) used in the project, and one of function in FunctionApp1 was updated .

After updating, I deployed function app and functions within it.

However, my ignorance - I deployed both the function App and all the functions pertaining to FunctionApp1.

Thus, FunctionApp1 was overwritten with the functions, but FunctionApp2 was overwritten without the functions. 

But somehow functions name was not removed from the FunctionApp2 (that's why it is visible in portal- but no reference to the function dll's)

So the error -   "Azure Functions Runtime is unreachable."

What to do

It was  a result of small mistake - missed to remove functionApp2 from deployment template, only the function App which is updated should have been deployed along with the functions.

In order to fix the above created issue, deployed the FunctionApp2 along with the functions.

And all was back to normal.

Remember to
i. Always recheck the deployment template and include only those which is to be deployed.
ii. Make sure all the functions are available post deployment, also run a test on it to ensure deployment happened correctly.

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