Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grouping and debatching Inbound Messages from WCF SQL Adapter - BizTalk 2010

It is a very common scenario where  a Purchase Order is received and data within it is inserted in multiple tables , viz. Header, Item, Address tables etc.

How to insert in SQL using WCF-SQL adapter can be seen at :

 And when it comes to send Ack , Ship notification or Invoice we need to poll data from different tables with the help of unique Id (most of time its the OrderId along with some other field) which minimizes the risk of duplicate entries.

How to poll from SQL using WCF-SQL adapter can be seen at:

Scenario for this post:  

We polled data for order and as it has many items ,thus we get multiple  set of  repeating nodes with each node having Header data(which is common for all items) and Item data. But we want to group them based on OrderId i.e.,multiple set to be merge into single set with repeating items in it for a particular OrderId.

Lets see how to do it:

Will keep on posting as an when I find something to share!!!!!!!!!!!!

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