Promoting custom context property using Pipeline Component

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While working on an application , there was requirement to route file based on the extension. But no context property holds that information .

To overcome this obstacle, I created a custom property and added it to Property schema and promoted it in custom pipeline component. After deploying the solution , this custom property was available in the filter options of Send Port.

How to do:

1.Open the project , add a property schema to it
2.Add the custom property and name it as per the purpose(I have used Extension as I need it to store extension of file).

extension of file
3.Set  the Property Schema Base to MessageContextPropertyBase (this tells that the property is part of Message context)
4.Now in the custom pipeline component promote the field (this can be done in the disassembler component)

5. Now this property will be available in the filter as DemoZip.Extension

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