The 'clientTrackingId' value is not valid. The value cannot be null or all whitespace characters.

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Issue is around queue based triggered Logic App, found that few of the instances are getting triggered successfully but many were not.

Result was - messages in the queue were piling up.

As trigger was not happening, checked the trigger history and found below error

  • InvalidClientTrackingId
  • The 'clientTrackingId' value is not valid. The value cannot be null or all whitespace characters.

Why it happened

The error is related to trigger and error points to clientTrackingId, so checked in the Trigger Settings

Client Tracking ID

CorrelationId is used for Tracking Id and  the trigger was failing because in some of the messages in queue , CorrelationId was missing (null).

Some of the logic apps which were pushing data to this queue were not setting correlationId .

What to do

The queue receives messages from multiple Logic Apps, so searched for logic apps which were not including correlationID property while inserting message in queue.

And added new parameter "Correlation Id" and provided value against it in the logic apps(clients) where it was missing 

Add correlationId as parameter

In my case it was correlation Id, but if you are using some other property for TrackingId then make sure you are passing it while inserting message in queue.

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