Could not retrieve values.Forbidden

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While trying to Get Secret from Key vault, following error was presented

 "Could not retrieve values. Error code: 'Forbidden', Message: 'Operation failed because client does not have permission to perform the operation on the key vault. Please check your permissions in the key vault access policies"

But I had created the connection and also had added the logic app service principal in Access Policy of KeyVault. 

Could not retrieve values.Forbidden

Why it happened

The error was presented when connector was trying to fetch the list of secrets in the Key vault, but when clicked on Enter custom value and provided the name of secret, it worked fine.

Thus, there was no issue in getting the value of a particular secret which is provided against Name of the secret but the drop down list wasn't populated with secrets in the keyvault - it was forbidden.

So visited the access policy and the reason was that only Get permission was selected for Logic app service principal in Access policy.

Only Get permission in Access Policy

What to do

Permissions should be selected as per the need and as I needed to see the list of secrets, *in the access policy selected List option too 

get and list secret permissions

Did save and the issue was gone.

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