Required property 'content' expects a value but got null. Path ''.'

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Upon triggering a logic app which is intended to transform a flat file into xml, saw an error in Logic App run on Transform XML action

Required property content expects a value error

Why it happened

I had to pass input to Transform XML action i.e. the Body which is received after Flat File Decoding, what I was trying to do is - use Body from previous step in Transform XML and I happened to choose the Body parameter from XML Validation action.
Incorrect body to transform XML action

Off-course the Body (Output of XML Validation) will not have the Flat File content, in-fact there is no output. If file is valid, step gets passed else fails.

What to do

Correct Body has to be provided, which conforms to the source schema used in the Map which is executed in the Transform_XML action i.e. the body from the Flat File Decoding stage.

Correct Body to Transform XMl

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