Could not load file or assembly Microsoft.BizTalk.Adapters.TibcoEMS

In current assignment, we need to read Tibco EMS Queue and  for that I installed the Tibco EMS adapter available in Enterprise Adapter pack also added the required dll in GAC which adapter uses internally to communicate with Tibco queue(TibcoEMS.dll)

But started getting following error in event log after every 2 minutes interval

Tibco Ems dll error

From error it was clear either assembly is not GAC'ed or I missed to restart the host instance.I cross verified the GAC, found the assembly is present also restarted the associated host instance - error still showing up after two minutes.

Why it happened

The above errors were on BizTalk 2013R2, so just to clear the doubt about the BizTalk version - Installed it on my BizTalk 2016 VM -  same error.

Have contacted Microsoft, they too found same issue and they have started working on fixing the issue.

What to do

As soon Microsoft provides the solution , will be updating here.

For now, I have created a helper class around the EMS dll to go ahead with my project.

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  1. I faced the same issue in BizTalk 2016.
    Please find the solution which worked for me.
    Solution -
    1) Downloaded "TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ - Community Edition – Free Download - Windows" from below link -

    2) This folder contains lots of SDKs, I used the one for Dotnet - product_tibco_emsce_dotnet_8.4.0.028_win_x86_64_vc14

    3) Install Setup.exe present inside this folder - ...\TIB_ems-ce_8.4.0_win_x86_64_vc14\assemblies\product_tibco_emsce_dotnet_8.4.0.028_win_x86_64_vc14\source\containers\8.4.0\dotNet\bin\win_x86_64_vc14\setup.exe

    4) Restart the host and everything works as expected.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I ran into this issue in our production environment. The solution for me was to install the Design Time feature of the Tibco(r) Enterprise Message Service(TM) Adapter feature of the Microsoft BizTalk Adapters for Enterprise Applications.

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