When was BizTalk Application Last Modified | Use BizTalk Table - dbo.bts_orchestration

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Few days ago, there was a situation where we had to confirm that the BizTalk application running in production env is the latest, i.e. against the latest checked in on TFS.

At first it was quite natural to check the admin console to find out the last modified date and time of the assembly, so checked the Resources section of the application of interest.

Resources section of the application of interest.

That was not helpful, as can be seen in above image because only five information are displayed Name, Type ,Source Location , Destination Location and Application. 

There was no information about last updated time.

So how to find when was assembly last modified? 

Whenever you deploy BizTalk application/assemblies, entries are made in two places BizTalkMgtDb(BizTalk Management Database) and GAC(Global assembly cache).

But GAC too, does not have any info about when assembly was added - as can be seen in below image.

GAC folder

BizTalk management database contains all artifacts that are part of a BizTalk solution - Schemas, Maps, Orchestrations,Ports. 

Assemblies and applications also go into this database. Thus here you get all the information, below are steps to find last updated date of an an application.

1. Login to SQL Management Studio
2. Databases--> BizTalkMgmtDb--> Tables

BizTalkMgmtDb--> Tables

3. Select dbo.bts_application table --> right click --> Select Top 1000 rows (you can even query against this table -- select * from dbo.bts_application)

BizTalkMgmtDb--> Tables query

An application can comprise of one or more assemblies, so to check about assemblies query dbo.bts_assembly


Actually the Admin console fetches information from this table and displays it, but only five and not all, that's how it is being designed (In my opinion Microsoft should consider including one more column in Admin console for Updated date and time).

If you wish to go for more granular details like when the specific schema/map/orchestration was last updated then you can check following tables

1. dbo.bt_DocumentSpec      


2. dbo.bt_MapSpec 


3. dbo.bts_orchestration      


Note: The modified date does change after every restart of that particular Orchestration.

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  1. Hi Mahesh,

    I can how useful this functionality will be for end users, just to see when the application was last deployed. I'll ask my team to take this feature in BizTalk360. We always look for various ideas from customers and community, thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hi Saravana,

    Thanks, Glad to hear that my post is contributing in betterment of BizTalk 360

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