Error while debugging logic app standard workflow in Visual Studio Code | Select debugger error in Visual studio code


After completing the workflow design, clicked on the Debug but I was presented with option to choose the debugger (Have been debugging earlier but was never asked to do this)

select a debugger

On selecting the suggested one, following was shown - which suggests to create a launch.json file

create a launch.json file

What is launch.json file?

A launch.json file is used to configure the debugger in Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code generates a launch.json (under a .vscode folder in your project) with almost all of the required information.

Why it happened

Upon checking found that launch.json file existed, however there was no configuration in it.

launch.json file

Checked for all the required extensions and all were intact.

However, there was an update(VS code) which happened a day ago and due to which the configurations went missing (Ideally it should not - but that's what happened)

What to do

Add the required configuration related to the debugger you want to use.

A configuration drives VS Code's behavior during a debugging session. Configurations are defined in a launch.json file that's stored in a .vscode folder in your workspace.

Configuration added in launch.json file

Configuration added in launch.json file as can be seen above, saved it and no issues in Debugging.

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