Check your request parameters to make sure the Path “” exists on your file system

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I got this error while trying to set the input folder for File System connector Trigger in Logic apps, which is intended to trigger the Logic app which is watching a folder (with help of On premises Data gateway)

Check your request parameters to make sure the Path exists on file system

Why it happened

Before specifying the folder to watch, we need to create a connection to File System – below are the details required
 creating FileSystem connection
If you see, against username I had provided only user name, whereas it is mentioned to provide Domain\Username

What to do

We need to follow the instruction  😊 , provide the username in correct format. Specify the domain along with the username  (Domain\Username).

In my case, am connecting to folder which is Virtual Machine and it is not part of any domain, then in this scenario the Machine Name becomes the domain.
providing domain name

After correcting the mistake, I was able to see the folders under the Root folder


If you have any suggestions or questions or want to share something then please drop a comment

  1. Hi Mahesh,

    Thanks for your useful blog.
    I am facing the same issue while creating a file with extracted file contents. It is successfully accessing Read folder and extract the contents.
    Error message: {
    "status": 400,
    "message": "The requested action could not be completed. Check your request parameters to make sure the path 'C:\\LogicApps-OPDGW-FileSystem\\Out/Customer_output.xml' exists on your file system.\r\nclientRequestId: 44e09de3-a9a8-4d40-8082-93a65c386b0e",
    "source": ""

    Using the same File System (API Connector) for both File Read and File Write Action.
    I am I missing something ?

  2. I too find this problems but I found way to resolve this using LongPathTool.

  3. Thanks for this! I have been banging my head for a few hours now and this has helped me

  4. Helped me solve my issue, thanks for this !

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