Microsoft.Xlangs.Core.ServiceCreationException:Failed while creating xxxxxClient Service

It was after deploying a newly created application and during starting the application got following error

"Microsoft.Xlangs.Core.ServiceCreationException:Failed while creating ApplicationNameClient service."

"Microsoft.Xlangs.Core.ServiceCreationException:Failed while creating ApplicationNameClient service."

Why it happened

The development environment comprises of two BizTalk servers in same group. On one of the box(dev machine1) I deployed the application and used one of host instance whose Host was on another dev box(dev machine2).

When tried starting the application got error-- it was because the host instance didn't find the assembly in the GAC. 

It made sense as I have deployed the application on BizTalk Dev machine 1 and GAC of this machine has that assembly whereas GAC of BizTalk Dev machine 2 does not have it thus host instance of machine 2 couldn't find it and thus the error.

What to do

1. I choose to use host instance of BizTalk Dev machine 1 itself 
2. In case you need to use BizTalk Dev machine 2 host instance then add the assembly in GAC  of that machine
3. And off course restart the host instances 

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