How to test Navision webservice using SoapUI

In recent project I had to consume webservice published by Navision in BizTalk. Before starting with development thought of testing the webservice and for that I used SoapUI 5.0. I had the URL  of the running service so I started the SoapUI-->New Project and pasted the URL and clicked OK.

SoapUI-->New Project

But, following error popped out.
Error loading wsdl

It was strange to see the error as I was able to open the URL in browser and was able view the metadata about the webservice.

Why it happened

So why it wasn't loaded in SoapUI?

For some reason creating project from URL/WSDL for Navision web service seems not to be supported.

What to do

Open the URL in browser and save the file as  XML file like ABC.xml
Now open SoapUI and create new project, now instead of providing URL provide the xml file saved in above step.Now you should see the project created with all the methods defined in the Navision webservice.

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  1. This saved me a lot of time, thx, Hank

  2. a mi maso lo mismo lo unico es que cuando hago la peticion por soapui la respuesta es HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found

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