Warning: Specified User Account is not member of BizTalk Application Users Group


After installing BizTalk 2013 R2, while configuring, got following warning:

Why it happened: 

Although the account used has Admin rights, it was not not included in BizTalk Application Users group. In fact there was no group  called "BizTalk Application Users Group". And in order to configure BizTalk Runtime its required to  have user added in this group. 

 Adding user in Isolated users group

There are  other groups also for BizTalk, but those are created by the configuration wizard except the two, BizTalk Application Users and BizTalk  Isolated Host Users. thus it is needed/prerequisite to have following two groups manually before starting the configuration.

Adding user in Isolated host users group

What to do : 

1. Open the Local Users  and Group (type lusrmgr.msc in Run)
2. Right Click on Groups 
3. Add new group : BizTalk Application Users
4. Add the user account used for configuration to this group

add user account

5. Do same for adding BizTalk Isolated Host Users
Adding BizTalk Isolated Host

Note: This is applicable to all BizTalk Version

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