Monday, February 9, 2015

RPC:0x800706D9: There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper.

Today, it was the BizTalk admin console trying to play with me,  when I opened the admin console, found that am not connected to any BizTalk group.

Seeing this, I tried to join the existing group:
1. Right click the BizTalk Server Admininstration 
2. Connect to existing group
3. Provided the Server name and Database name
4. And clicked ok
5. Got couple of following error

6. When trying to refresh the BizTalk Group Node
7.As expected while trying to restart host instance, following error was popped out:

Why it happened: 

There are few scenarios where we can face such errors:
  • Enterprise Single sign on is not installed correctly
  • Enterprise Single sign on in not configured properly/correctly
  • Enterprise Single Sign on service is  not running(not started)

What to do:

Verify that Enterprise Single Sign On Service is running, Run->Services.msc->Enterprise Single Sign On and  check if status is Started
"Enterprise Single Sign-On Service" gets installed while installation of BizTalk and it is there we have to specify the user account name, under which this service will run. That user account should have administrative privileges on the machine else SSO service will not start. And It is mandatory to have as all the configurations are stored in it.
In my case it  was the change in the password (which was part of company policy) which made this service stop and group unavailable. So I needed to reset the credentials for this service.

For that
1. Right click 
2.Go to LogOn  Tab
3. Update the credentials 
4. Click ok
5.Start the service

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