BizTalk Server : Fetching UNB and UNG Segment Values From Interchange Envelope and Mapping - Configuring and Testing

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Step 6: Configure and test the application

Create receive port

create receive port

Create receive location

create receive location

Create send port

create send port

Set the destination URI

destination uri

Configure the Orchestration

configure application

4. Create drop location
4. Drop the sample input file at input location
5. Check the output

output file

Note: Create a party and agreement and use sample file as per it. OR Enable EDIFACT fallback settings and configure it and use values in sample file as per it. As EDI receive pipeline first checks Party for the configuration, if no matching party found then it looks up for Fallback settings.

Possible Error

In a scenario where the particular element is not present in the segment (input) and if we try to fetch that particular element then following error is encountered.
Say, if UNB8 is not there in input and if tried to fetch that data then error occurs.


Download Sample

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