The Filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect


In an application, it was required to set the file name of outgoing message with the current date.
And for that in the Orchestration, I set the FILE.ReceivedFileName context property with the current date.


And on send port used %SourceFileName% macro, thus expected was file with today’s date in the Out folder.

But while testing, no files were dropped in Out folder. This meant something was done wrong and to find it checked the Event Log, and I see there were no errors instead Warning. 

event log viewer

Why it happened:  

As can be seen in above figure, the details of the warning states that there was something incorrect in Filename, directory name. The issue was semicolon(“:”). Semicolon is not accepted as a part of FileName.

error in event viewer

What to do: 

To get rid of it and also as only date was needed, did following:

substring to get date

And now the FileName was set as Date only (no time, which had semicolon).
Date in event viewer

What are other characters which are not allowed?

To find this I tried with all characters and found some more which are not allowed/accepted. It’s easy or less error prone when setting file name to know what are not allowed, but it won’t be easy if value is set somewhere else.
invalid property value

invalid property value 1

invalid property value 2

invalid property value 3

invalid property value 4

invalid property value 5

invalid property value 6

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