(MCTS): Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 (70-595) Certification Guide (second edition) book review

I got an opportunity to review the book - Microsoft BizTalk erver 2010 Certification Guide, and below is what I feel about the book.

As per the guidelines/information published on the Microsoft site (https://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-us/exam-70-595.aspx), the authors have done good job of dividing them in 8 chapters and sequencing them like the path we take while learning the technology and using it (the first six chapters), i.e. fundamentals first, understanding the building blocks/components , developing using the components, testing and handling
exceptions, deploying and managing. Seventh and Eight chapter is focused on the WCF and Extended components which are used to extend the capabilities of BizTalk solution (RFID is missing - but I guess that's ok).

Chapter 9 is not required for BizTalk 2010 certification, but yes it's an add on and should be useful for those going for BizTalk 2013 Technical assessment.

The authors have done great job by including the images wherever there was need and tips (with a bulb - the key points). No guide will be useful if it only says how to do without any evidence, there are sample codes as well which shows how the concepts are implemented/applied.

Although people going for certification (should) have 1-2 years minimum experience, it's rarely possible that he had worked on all areas. Considering that,this book tries to cover each and every part and have provided a dedicated chapter for guidance on how to cover all areas, how to prepare and how to appear in exam - chapter 10.

Just going through book and code is not enough, net practice is important before actual match. A dedicated section after every chapter "Testing your knowledge" is there for practice .

All in all a good Guide, have it with you and practice as much as possible !!!

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