Error happened in body during parsing


For testing the HL7 tutorial sample , I picked sample message from following link:

PID|||191919^^^MYHOS^MR~123-45-6789^^^USSSA^SS|253763|SMITH^JOHN^Q||19560129|M|||    123MAIN^^BUFFALO^NY^98052^""||(123)555-0100||S|M|10199925^^^MYHOS^AN|123-45-6789
PD1|S|F|NormalString^A^+1^-1^ISO^simpletext&Test&HCD^GI^simpletext&NormalString&ISO^I|   NormalString^Test&Test^Test^Test^Test^Test^AE^simpletext^simpletext&Test&ISO^P   ^NormalString^M10^MC^simpletext&NormalString&HCD^A|N|simpletext|I|I|N|NormalString   ^+1^M11^simpletext&NormalString&L,M,N^RRI^simpletext&NormalString&HCD|NOVALUE^NormalString   ^Test^Test^NormalString^Test|N

Error 3: Error happened in body during parsing
Error # 1
Segment Id: PD1
Sequence Number: 1
Field Number: 4
Error Number: 103
Error Description: Table value not found
Encoding System: HL70200

Error3.1: Message had parse errors, can not be serialized

Why It happened

It happened because there were space between the fields in the PD1 segment.

What to do

Remove the spaces in between the data

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