Token StartElement in state Epilog would result in an invalid XML document.

In a project there was requirement to aggregate the responses, and for that I used SendPipeline in Orchestration.

Created a Envelope schema, imported the document schema and set the Body Xpath.

All was smooth, even the messages were consumed until the last one and following error appeared in the EventLog.

token startelement in state epilog

What was this about, tried many things but still haven't found the reason why this happened.

Finally thought of having look at the Aggregator Sample, all was almost same except one thing.

In the sample the Envelope schema has used <Any> element, so I did the same ( though I was not in harmony to use it) but it worked.

<Any> means to allow the elements which are not specified in schema, then why not elements specified in schema.

So now the question is , is this exceptional case or is there something else which should be considered?

Will try to dig more into it .... and will update with the finding!!!!!!!!!!

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