Beginner To Expert: BizTalk Available Resources

Yesterday received a mail from a beginner in BizTalk asking about how to learn BizTalk . What are the resources which are available and can help the learning process.

There is a huge amount of resources available in the form of  Books, Videos, Tutorials , Blogs , Articles , Samples etc.  

BizTalk related articles on this blog --  List of BizTalk Articles

You can begin learning and if you are stuck somewhere or do not understand some concept, there are dedicated BizTalk forums wherein you can ask questions and I can guarantee that your question will be answered.

So if you are truly passionate about learning BizTalk then do utilize the available resources, and in case you are comfortable learning from some tutor then I guess there are online training providers which you can look at.

I personally feel that at last it will be your curiosity of knowing more and more about BizTalk which will help you. (It applies to learning other technologies as well)

Below are a few links which I would like to suggest to look at (Beginners should):

Microsoft BizTalk Server

BizTalk Server Tutorials

BizTalk Server 2010 Developer Training Kit

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Help

How about seeing the samples and understanding how the implementations are done: BizTalk Server Code Gallery Samples

The most important resource which I feel personally is  BizTalk Server Resources on the TechNet Wiki (This is certainly a gateway to BizTalk World), it holds excellent articles written by MVP's, MCC's and BizTalk Community member from all over the world. It does contains lot of other links and resources which will help you in learning as well when you are working on some project.

Likewise there are many Community members who share their experiences via their blog, you can look out for those too.

Experts are the people who know how to implement the concept they know, so keep implementing. It will take time as BizTalk deals with many technologies and is very rich from that perspective.

So Keep BizTalking !!!!!!!!

Update: BizTalk Featured Downloads from Microsoft

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  1. Very nice article for Beginners to start with BizTalk...:-)

  2. I have been searching for the BizTalk tutorials and came across your blog. Really nice article for beginners to start with.

    1. hi brother, iam frm hyd. is .net is compulsory for BIZTALK TRAINING?

  3. hi to all.Can anyone pls suggest me, before taking biztalk training is .net knowledge is compulsory?. if yes , it is or asp.nrt?

  4. You can start learning BizTalk without .net knowledge, but having .net(C#) knowledge certainly helps when dealing with custom development

  5. Great information and i want to learn biztalk in online training in biztalk training

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