Thursday, October 3, 2013

N1 Loop Mapping

Steps for mapping N1 Loop for Bill address node

Step 1: Drag a link from N1 Loop1 and connect it to BillTo Node.
Step 2: Drop a Equal functoid on map grid.
Step 3: Link N101 node (it holds the Party identifier value , BT) to Equal Functoid , this will be the first input.
Step 4: Double click the  Equal Functoid and set the value of second input parameter as BT.
Step 5: Link the output of Equal functoid to BillTo Node.Thus if value of N101 matches then output of this functoid will be true and BillTo Node will be created.
Step 6: Now link the others.

Same above steps for mapping N1 Loop to Ship address node but value of second input parameter should be changed to "ST"(assuming it is the identifier).

Have composed article , below is screenshot of what it has :

Read full article here

Will keep on posting as an when I find something to share!!!!!!!!!!!!

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