Friday, August 23, 2013

Interview questions on BRE

This post intends to cover the  BRE related questions, which a BizTalk developer can face at during an interview.


1.What is Business Rules Engine?

2.What is the tool that I need to use to create Business Rules?

3.What is Business Rule Language?

4.How can I execute a Business Rule in my orchestration?

5.What is used to create new vocabulary definition?

6.What is a Policy?

7.Is it possible to change Business Rule policy after it was published?

8.Does rule composer have provision of adding ELSE logic?

9.What is Long term fact and Short Term fact?

10.What is the difference between Publishing and Deploying the Rule ?

11.Can we call policies from .Net code?

12.Can we call specific version of Policy using Call rule shape in Orchestration?

13.What is purpose of BizTalkRuleEngineDb?

14.Is there limit for versions of policies ?

15.What is Rete Algorithm, does it have any relation with BRE?

16.How does it differ, calling policy in Call Rules Shape and in Expression ?

For answers please have look at following article:
BizTalk Developer Interview Questions and Answers - BRE

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