Friday, August 23, 2013

Interview questions on BizTalk Pipeline

This post  intends to cover the BizTalk pipeline related questions, which a BizTalk developer can face during an interview.


1.Why do we need custom pipeline when we have default pipelines?

2.What is maximum message size supported by XML send and XML receive pipeline?

3.What is minimum number of components allowed in pipeline stage?

4.What is the maximum number of components allowed in pipeline stage?

5.Does Flat file assembler pipeline component validates the incoming XMLmessage?

6.What is a .btp File?

7.How many states have the Receice Pipelines and the Send Pipelines?

8.Is there any Visual Studio Wizard to create custom pipeline components?

9.What's the difference between Default Pipelines and Custom Pipelines?

10.Is there is a error handling functionality to handle error on pipelines?

11.When is filter used to create a subscription?

12.Which property is required when using Flat file Disassembler component?

13.What if Document Schema property is not specified when using Flat file Disassembler component?

14.Which API is used to implement Pipeline?

15.What are types of pipeline components?

16.  Why attributes are added to class while developing custom component?
17.  Custom Component is not visible in Toolbox, even after adding the assembly to GAC?

For answers please have look at following article:
BizTalk Developer Interview Questions and Answers - Pipeline

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