Feature Pack1 Application Insights does not work with SQL Named instance


Am facing strange issue while enabling Application Insights, error as below

error while enabling analytics

Why it happened

From error it appears some issue with database connectivity, and what I found, it is working absolutely fine on my VM and also on a another test server (both of them have default SQL instance).
An attempt to connect BizTalk management db failed

Whereas on the server which are configured against the Named Instance are causing issue, and the reason for that  I see - an extra slash gets added, thus attempt to connect to management DB failed.

What to do

I have raised a question with product team, and will update the post once received fix for the same.

Has anyone else faced this issue - what you did?

Update: Got response from product team, they confirmed - BizTalk Server 2016 with Feature Pack 1 tracking-to-Application Insights does not support SQL Server named instances. And they add this to their backlog, try if can get this supported in Feature Pack 2 or 3.

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