MissingMethodException - Method Not found

Below error was encountered after deploying the application and doing a smoke test on newly configured BizTalk server

method not found

The error says there was some exception while doing a transformation in orchestration- method not found: 'Void Microsoft.BizTalk.ScalableTransformation.BTSXslTransform.set_MapUseXSLTransform(Int32)'.

But this gets overruled by the fact that same application runs fine on other environment with same data used for testing, so there is no problem with the constructing of message.

It is reported on one of the forum thread that this issue is related to assemblies not deployed correctly. Following to this, redeployed the assemblies - didn't help. Another probable reason, is the deployed assembly latest - this doesn't apply here as no changes were made in the assemblies. 

Why it happened

We had try tried to apply CU 5 on this server(Note: Same CU5 is applied on other servers successfully and are running fine.), but post that the server started behaving weird and numerous error related to DB started to pop out - like few Stored procedures are missing and so on. 

So we decided to reconfigure the BizTalk server thus creating fresh BizTalk DB's (we didn't had Backup else restoring it would have been the choice).

The reconfiguration went successful with little surprise - last post about it

What to do

Although the configuration was successful, we are getting error - assembly redeploying not helping, so it was certain that the effect of CU5 still exists thus asking to go for reinstalling the BizTalk server, but before doing that thought of repairing - and it did solve the issue.

Still, the main problem remains unanswered why on few servers CU5 was successful and on this server it caused issue(same steps followed on all). Will try to dig into this issue and if found something will share it.

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