How to setup and schedule BizTalk performance Counters in PerfMon


After you are done with BizTalk application development and unit testing, applications are tested for range of load(Load testing is not mandatory,it depends the business scenario),to see how application behaves and how it performs.For loadTesting we can use SOAPUI/LoadUI which would genarate variations of load at variant time.And to track the application behavior PerfMon is used.

This post is step by step reference for adding BizTalk performance counter in PerfMon to evaluate the performance and generate performance reports which can be shared across business team.

Below are the steps for setting up and scheduling BizTalk performance counters in PerfMon

Step 1: Create custom user defined Data Collector set

Create new Data Collector set

Give it a Name 
Data Collector set name

Select what data you are interested in, for this I only want Performance Counters to be available 
Create data logs

Created Data collector Set

Step 2: Add the counters(which you want to monitor)

Select the DataCollector01 and click on Add button

Add the performance counters

As can be seen below, there are four counters available for BizTalkMessagingLatency category, you can either select particular counter or all of them and then click on Add button
Select BizTalk performance counters

There are more BizTalk related counters which you can select (for this post I have selected only one) refer : BizTalk Performance Counters    and also included Processor counters
Select Processor counters

Step 3: Select the interval for which you want to collect data

select the interval for data collection

Step 4:This Data collector can be run manually and also can be scheduled                

To schedule it right click on DataCollector you defined and go to properties->Schedule Tab and click on Add button
Add schedule to data collector

Set as per your requirement

select the beginning time

Data collector schedule

As can be seen  above Data collector is set to start at 12:00 AM but there is no stop time, to set stop time click on StopCondition Tab

set the stop condition

Step 5: View the reports

To view the report, go to Reports and select the DataCollector which you created.

view the reports

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