Sunday, November 29, 2015

Installing Azure BizTalk Services SDK without SSL

I assume you have already created BizTalk Service using Azure portal and want to start developing BizTalk service application using Visual Studio. To install Azure BizTalk services SDK, download the installation files from :

Note: Visual Studio 2012 is only supported as of now

Click on download and choose the setup files you want to download, as my machine is 64 bit I chose 64 bit setup file, also I will be creating EDI applications so I need EDI schemas thus selected that and tools.

Following are the files you will see after download is completed

Now unzip the WindosAzureBizTalkServiceSetup-x64

Accept the agreement and click next

Select all three (note Runtime is optional, you can uncheck it if you are not going to deal with LOB applications)
On summary page click Install

Here you will get another window for BizTalk Adapter Service setup
Accept the license agreement and click Next
This identity is used to run the BizTalk adapter service which will run in IIS, I have selected Local Service, you can select the one suitable for you
Here you provide the url of the BizTalk Service which you have already provisioned using Azure portal
As I am not going to use BizTalk Adapter Service, have not selected  "Use SSL to secure the management Service", leave the port value as 8080 and click next

After installation is done, click finish.

To verify the installation is done, open Visual studio and check if you see the BizTalk services template added under Visual C#

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for SSL/TLS secure channel

After completing the first Azure BizTalk Services application, it was time to deploy the application in already provisioned BizTalk Service, while doing so encountered following error

Why it happened

In order to deploy the application developed, you need certificate to be installed into Trusted Root Authority, the certificate which was downloaded from Azure portal upon provision of BizTalk Service.

What to do

I had already downloaded the certificate while provisioning the BizTalk Service, so now I needed to add it to Trusted Root Authority.

Steps to install certificate in Trusted Root Authority

1. Double click the certificate

 2. Click on Install Certificate

 3. Select Local Machine and click Next

4.Select "Place all certificate in the following store", click on Browse...

 5. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities

After installing the certificate, I was able to deploy the application