Could Not Allocate Space for Object... because the 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full

Today lots of messages were getting suspended in the production env and to find the exact reason for this sudden messages getting suspended, looked into the Event Log and found below two errors:

Event 6912

Event 6912 error

Why it happened:

As can be interpreted from error message, the allocated space for BizTalkMsgBoxDb was full.

What to do:

The first thing was to check if AutoGrowth is enabled or not on BizTalkMsgBoxDb, and it was.

Then had a look at the jobs and found that DTA Purge and Archive Job was disabled since a week (don't know how) and that was the reason for this issue. 

So to fix the issue, reconfigured the job and enabled it and also purged the Tracking database.

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  1. Nice post. Maintenance job are important to be running for health environment.

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