Property value is not valid : A non-transactional Orchestration cannot contain any other Transactions


It was during building the project which has Atomic scope, following popped up.

property value is not valid

Why it happened: 

It is the orchestration designer which is designed to validate the properties against the shapes used. If any of the properties violate or are not as per the validation rule then notification is raised while building the project as "Property value is not valid."  It is common for all shapes but to know the exact reason we need to see in the details - it tells what went wrong.

What to do :

1. Orchestration itself should be set as Long Running.
2. For this click on the white space and set the Transaction Type to Long Running.

In this scenario, it was the usage of Atomic scope in non-transactional orchestration. You can only set a scope to have a transaction type other than None if the orchestration itself is a long-running transaction.

So it is kind of mandatory to mark orchestration as long running if Atomic scope is to be used.

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