Begineer to BizTalk Expert : Interview with Rohit Sharma

Welcome to third Interview of the series, today's BizTalk Expert is Rohit Sharma.

Rohit Sharma is technical lead developer and application architect and has good experience in architecting, designing, developing, and supporting sophisticated applications using many different Microsoft technologies and products. Rohit Sharma is very active in BizTalk community as blogger, Wiki author/editor and forums. He has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for two consecutive years (2012 and 2013) based on his contributions to the world-wide BizTalk Server community.

Mahesh: Who are you and what you do? 
Rohit: I am Rohit Sharma born and brought up in Punjab and now settled in area near to Chandigarh. I am technology enthusiast and work with Microsoft Integration technologies. 

Mahesh: When did you start working on BizTalk? 
Rohit: The organisation where I started my career was having Microsoft as one of its clients. My journey with BizTalk Server started in 2007 when I got the chance to work with Connected System Division of Microsoft (the BizTalk Server product team). My team was responsible for handling the BizTalk Server Accelerators (HL7, RosettaNet and SWIFT). 

Mahesh: How did you mastered BizTalk (Learning path)? 
Rohit: I got chance to work during release of BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and BizTalk Server 2009 and during these releases I got the chance to learn about the different aspects of BizTalk Server.

Mahesh: Which are the major projects you handled so far? 
Rohit: There has been few being part of CSD gave me lot of exposure to Microsoft Technologies another one I would like to highlight was for a leading airline company where my team was responsible to set-up two new data centres. As a part of this engagement we got chance to did almost everything from configuration, disaster recovery, development, optimization and experimentation.

Mahesh: How do you see BizTalk compare to other integration platform? 
Rohit: Based on my experience with other platform I would say solution management is bit easier in BizTalk but it lack a web based interface but this gap has been filled by some third party products. 

Mahesh: What as per you is must to know to become an Integration (BizTalk) Expert? 
Rohit: There is no substitute to experience in integration space. By doing more and more integrations you come to know about the challenges of integrating with specific products. 

Mahesh: What are your thoughts on forums, blogs and articles etc.? 
Rohit: These are good platform to look for help and to learn from experience of others and to share your own experience. 

Mahesh: Your suggestion to a newcomers? What should be approach to get sound knowledge in Biztalk? 
Rohit: If you get chance to be part of a team where lot of good BizTalk experts are available then grab it, learning through them would be much easier. 

Mahesh: What are your thoughts around BizTalk certification? 
Rohit: As I have already mentioned there is no substitute to experience so for me certification is not that important. 

Mahesh: What is the future of BizTalk? 
Rohit: BizTalk Server is very mature product and I feel that on-premises version of BizTalk will be there as many organizations are still using legacy systems and are not comfortable in moving the key strategic systems to the cloud. 

Mahesh: Any thoughts on cloud? 
Rohit: Cloud is a game changer and is the future. It is the solution to lot of challenges being faced by organizations these days. Looking forward to see cloud based integration offering to be more mature. The on-premises offering are already providing the way to integrate with cloud. 

Thanks a lot Rohit, am sure many of us will be benefited from your insights !!!!!!

Feel free to ask questions to Rohit, in the comments.

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  1. Hi Rohit,

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I have a question. What are the BizTalk artifacts the Beginners need to be concentrate?


    1. hi brother, iam frm hyd.pls tel me, Is .net is need for biztalk training, if yes it is or

  2. Try to explore out of the box features available in the BizTalk Server like adapters, mapper functoids, orchestration shapes, pipelines and pipeline components, schema. There are many online resources available to help

    1. hi brother, iam frm hyd.pls tel me, Is .net is need for biztalk training, if yes it is or

  3. Hi Ravi,

    You can start learning BizTalk without .net knowledge, but having .net(C#) knowledge certainly helps when dealing with custom development .

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