Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This schema has the same type name as its namespace

After installing BizTalk 2013, just to check I started to create a project with name as Test. Then added a schema named Test with Root tag named as Test and two elements. Signed the project and tried to build it and following error appeared.

To find out the problem,  I went through the properties of the schema and found that Namespace and Type name is same. Well I don’t  the exact reason but it seems having same namespace and type name causes ambiguity in resolution. 

Why it happened:  

Namespace (Project Name) and Type Name (Schema name) were same

What to do : 

Rename the schema and Type Name Or delete the schema and create new schema with name different than that of Project Name.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Error 1309 : Error reading from file

While installing BizTalk 2013, received below error.  As per error there was some error while reading the file.

So first thing was to check whether the file mentioned in error existed or not and secondly whether it was accessible. To check this I traversed the whole path, and file was there. Next I right clicked on the file and tried opening it  and below error popped out.

While extracting , I kept the name same as that of the image(ISO) file i.e. en_biztalk_server_2013_developer_edition_x86_x64_dvd_319207  and that was the problem.  So I renamed the folder name as “Biz” and then tried installing again and it was done.

Why it happened

The path length exceeded the threshold.

What to do :

 Reduce the length of the path by renaming the initial folder name.