Monday, November 11, 2013

Failed to add resource(s)

After completing my demo application , I build the project and then  deployed the project . But to my surprise the application wasn't listed , it was not showing up in the Applications (In BizTalk Admin Console).

Then what , I tried again deploying it (assuming that I didn't do it first time ;) ) and got a lovely error which did puzzled me for a minute i.e. Failed to add resource(s)...........

Cool, so what does this error says : Resource(....) is already in store and is either associated with another application or with another type.

So this means the application was deployed first time but why it didn't appeared under Applications.

The reason was , I had not specified the Application Name in Deployment Tab of Project properties.

Note: If no Application Name is specified then all the resources are deployed under the default Application of that Group(BizTalk Application1).

To fix this :
1. I removed the demo application resources from BizTalk Application 1
2. Provided name against the Application Name in Deployment Tab of Project properties
3. Deployed it
4. Now the Demo application is listed under Applications

Will keep on posting as an when I find something to share!!!!!!!!!!!!