Thursday, February 20, 2014

Can we view Orchestration in C#

Orchestration in BizTalk is visual representation of processing done on the messages. In order to apply/design processing on the messages, Orchestration designer is used. Orchestration designer is accompanied with ToolBox which has various shapes catering some or the other functionality. So depending upon the functionality required for processing the message, shapes are dragged and dropped over the design surface.

As can be seen in below image, shapes like Receive shape for receiving message to start the process, Parallel shape for performing two sets of actions parallely and Send shape to send out messages are used.

So how does this shape implement their functionality? There has to be some code in background right?

Orchestration is a way to automate business processes which is nothing but an executable code to run a workflow supporting a business process.

Orchestrations(XLANG/s files) are compiled into .Net assembly, so apart from graphical representation there is two other form of Orchestration in its lifetime.

To view X# , right click on the orchestration in solution explorer-->select open with  and below window should appear

Except for Binary Editor (content will be in binary), Resource Editor (File is not opened - does not support) and BizTalk Orchestration Designer (Which opens the visual representation) rest of the editor will show the XML representation.

And to view in orchestration in C#, traverse to the project/solution folder and look into obj\Debug\BizTalk\Xlang folder and File0.cs should be there.
Double click and you should be able to see the code behind the orchestration which we design using various shape..

[Drive]\[Project/Solution folder]\obj\Debug\BizTalk\XLang

Although this is not required for designing orchestrations, it is good to know it (what's going in background)  .... ;)

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